Turning and Form-Making Set of Glass

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 Writed Date : 03/16/2014  

Turning and Form-Making Set of Glass
These form-making sets are used for burnishing and polishing the edge of glasses with special forms (circle, oval etc.). These sets have several suckers as work table and simultaneous turning capability. This specialty provides the automatic capability of edge-burnishing. This form-making set is applied for different types of edge-burnishing such as one-step, two-step, three-step, pencil and turning(bevel).
Safety Glasses
These glasses which are mainly used on side and rear windows of the cars include two categories: bent and flat safety glasses.
For making these glasses first, the raw glasses are cut in the favorite shape by automatic cutting machine (CNC) and then for smoothing the sharp edges caused by cutting and firming the Diamond CNC set is applied. The glasses should be washed after the Diamond stage and it is usually done by advanced units (sets).After the Diamond stage the safety glasses are sent for Silk-print.
In this step the rollers carry the glasses into the Silk-print set and after printing they are sent into the drying furnace. The glasses are carried into the bent furnace after the printing operations. In this furnace the favorite bent is worked considering the final shape of the glass and requisite curvature. The time and temperature of the bent operation of the glasses are pre-determined based on the color and thickness of every glass. The bent safety glasses are labeled and packed after this process. It is necessary to mention that the quality control unit of Isfahan Omid Safety Glass Company checks and controls the glasses before final packing.
They also supervise continuously on producing the glass specially after the bent operations. The raw glasses after becoming safety and printed ,according to the customers orders ,are labeled and packed for delivery.