Insulating Glass (Double-walled glass)

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 Writed Date : 03/16/2014   ( Last Edit : 3/16/2014 )

Insulating Glass (Double-walled glass)
The insulating glass is a part including two or several layers of glass placed in parallel and equal spaces from each other and
separated  by special spacers throughout of it. Inside the layers of glass there is special gases or air without moisture with a pressure almost equal to the outdoor one. In the insulating glasses aluminum spacers are usually used and inside the spacers are filled with moisture –absorbent substances which absorb the air moisture between the layers of glass. The spacers are also sealed by special sealants. On the insulating glasses different types of glass such as simple, colored, reflex, laminate and tempered glasses may be used.
The Characteristics of Insulating Glass
-decreasing waste of energy
-decreasing acoustic pollutions
-preventing the glasses from moisture
-more security comparing the usual one –walled windows
In case of applying insulating glasses and windows we can economize 40 cube meters of gas per every meter of glass annually.
Beside decreasing waste of energy and noise it ensures cleaner environment because of diminishing the use of electric and thermal energies and consequently lowering the emission of greenhouse gases.