Production Line of Decorative Glass

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 Writed Date : 03/16/2014   ( Last Edit : 3/16/2014 )

Production Line of Decorative Glass
At once the favorite glasses used for decoration are purchased from glass factories in the thickness of 4,6,8,10 and12 mm and they are placed at the beginning of production line. In the first place, plain glasses are cleaned and their incrustation is removed by hydrochloric acid if there is any and then they are placed under a solution composed of hydrofluoric acid and ammonium bicarbonate. After a special time the mentioned solution is removed from the glass and these glasses are washed by water and the final production is opaque glasses that are so called Satinat.
In the second place the favorite designs are printed on the Satinat glasses produced in the first place by a special kind of anti-acid pastes(or paints) .These glasses will be dried and placed under hydrofluoric acid .At this place HF acid will affect on a part of glass that is without the paste and will make corrosion. Consequently after removing the paste from the glass, the favorite design will appear on the glass that is the final production called Decorative glass.