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Azar bazak decorative glass manufacturing plant began its work in 2006 on a land area of 2000 sq.m with 12 personnel and with production capacity of 30 tons per month.

In addition to supplying a portion of domestic needs, the companys aim is also to exports decorative glass to neighboring countries. Meanwhile the manager of this group is proud to has a decade of experience of exporting various building glass to abutting countries. Decorative glass manufacturing technology with a modern methods was brought to Iran in 2006 from Russia & Turkey, and in recent years with the capabilities and efforts of young artists and craftsman, Azar bazak decorative glass factory has been upgraded the quality of its products several times more than other similar foreign products, which has been welcomed by the domestic and foreign customers.

Now, in national year, Azar bazak decorative glass factory has increased its production to more than 80 tons per month with 20 gifted and artist personnel in a land area of 4000 sqm.

It is worth noting that more than 70 percent of factorys products are exported to Russia, Azerbaijan and Iraq. Also in the domestic market, this company has 16 sales agents in Tehran and representatives in some provinces like: Khorasan, Yazd, East Azerbaijan, Kermansha and Hormozgan, ...

Azar bazak glass artists and designers are also able to run any type of custom design embossed shapes and symbols on the glass with thicknesses of 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12 mm with different color.

Decorative glass can be used in architecture, interior decoration such as ceilings, partitions, furniture and also in offices, metro and bus stations, places like pilgrimage, entertainment, exhibitions, hotels, ancient and historical repair.

Some benefits of Azar bazaks decorative glass to sandblasted glass and other similar products can include:

* Diversity, beauty and multiplier elegance.

* Easy to use and easy to clean. (unlike sandblasted glass, which oily substances and stains arent easily removed)

* Rapid producing and implementation of high- value products.